Sailing is possible according to the instructors availability, mostly on weekends and during summer holidays and obviously according to the weather and safety conditions. Please contact us well before your arrival to arrange sailing.

Lake como is a wonderful place to go sailing and guess what? We have our own sailing boat! Whether you are a seasoned sailor, novice or total beginner; we have a series of different packages available to allow you to experience the life of a mariner!

The wind on the lake normally begins to get strong in the late morning or early afternoon. Sailing trips run from around 12.30 for five hours (weather depending). Guests wishing to sail with us should first join our Sporting Association for a nominal fee which can be done at the hostel.

Sailing Course

Join us on our "Introduction to Sailing Course". The course consists of 2 full days of theory and practical sailing on Lake Como (weather depending), followed by a third (optional day) navigating the lake.

Please contact directly our instructor writing an email at :

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